Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate Sets

Kenpo Karate Sets

The Kenpo Karate set is small forms for specific purposes, which are only based on certain groups of techniques. These are the most common sets available in most of the Kenpo schools and lineages worldwide.

  • Stance set 1
  • Stance set 2
  • Finger set 1
  • Finger set 2
  • Block set 1
  • Block set 2
  • Striking set 1
  • Striking set 2
  • Kicking set 1
  • Kicking set 2
  • Coordination Set 1
  • Coordination Set 2
  • Two man set
  • Club set
  • Staff set

It is important to take into consideration that these requirements, forms, sets, and self-defense techniques have been modified by some schools and lines of this art. It is also possible that they have been replaced by others, one of the possible reasons is that after the death of the founding Grand Master the style lost its creative guide, this is where some started a new way with their way of seeing the Kenpo Karate they learned of Grand Master Parker.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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