Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate Finger Techniques

American Kenpo Karate Finger Techniques that you will find in Self-defenses, sets, and forms. There is a Finger Set 1 that has these techniques, then there is an advanced set called Finger Set 2 where you see these techniques with advanced foot maneuvers and combinations.


  1. Overhead Claw: Known as tiger claw to the face
  2. Cross Back Claw
  3. Underhand Claw: Known as tiger claw to the groin
  4. Horizontal Finger Thrust
  5. Vertical Finger Thrust
  6. Upward Thrust
  7. Outward Whip
  8. Overhead Whip
  9. Side Thrust
  10. Back Thrust
  11. Back Claw
  12. Cross Back Thrust
  13. Upward Claw
  14. Eagle’s Talon
  15. Single Finger Thrust: Strike to one eye
  16. Two Finger Thrust: Strike to both eyes
  17. Two Finger Poke: Snap Strike to both eyes
  18. Outward Two-finger Hook
  19. Back Whip (below waist)
  20. Back Whip (over shoulder)
  21. Horizontal Slice: Strike mostly to one eye
  22. Reverse Horizontal Slice
  23. Pincher
  24. Twin Dragons: Strike to both eyes

These techniques are for specific targets and need time to learn how to use them right. Excessive force should be avoided, it is the appropriate move at the appropriate time. These techniques are precise weapons and are used mostly to the eyes, throat, and groin.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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