Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate Punches

Kenpo Karate Punches

These are the American Kenpo Karate Punches you will find on your rank requirement list regardless of your style, lineage, or dojo. Also, these are part of most traditional modern karate, kung fu, and taekwondo basics; under a different name of course.

  1. Horizontal Punch
  2. Vertical Punch
  3. Upper Cut
  4. Universal Punch
  5. Inverted Vertical Roundhouse
  6. Looping Overhead
  7. Vertical Back-knuckle
  8. Round House
  9. Blocking
  10. Leopard’s Paw
  11. Front Lifting Back-knuckle
  12. Hook

Basic recommendations when throwing a punch:

  1. The impact is with your two inner knuckles.
  2. Always keep your back straight and centered.
  3. You need to be in a comfortable stance.
  4. Keep your eyes on your target.
  5. Keep the other hand checking in the case of a potential attack.
  6. Keep your thumb closed into your fist, if you leave it out you will injure it.
  7. Don’t over-extend your arm when punching, your elbow will absorb the impact if nothing is reached.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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