Jumping spinning reverse hook kick – D’wier Momdora Hooryu Charki

In this article we study the basic requirements to successfully execute this kick, which can also be very harmful and that if used with control can give you good results in Sports Karate. It might be effective More...

by PeterSoto | Published 4 months ago
How to Stretch Your Abs Bodybuilding for Sexy Women

How to Stretch Your Abs Female Bodybuilding

Stretch Your Abs If you would like to improve your muscle flexibility and prevent any muscle tear then consider stretching as part More...

how to do the splits in two weeks or less

How to Do the Splits in Two Weeks or Less

Splits in Two Weeks or Less Flexibility is a must in certain Martial Arts if you love to kick then you need this. I will show you effective More...

stretching Recommendations

Splits and stretching Recommendations

Stretching is essential in martial arts, your entire body has to be ready to avoid injuries. A martial artist has to be responsible More...

How to get a Strong and Flexible Back

How to get a Strong and Flexible Back

Strong & Flexible Back Your back supports your entire body, a weak one will not provide you with the results you are looking for. More...

Hip and leg Flexibility

How to Improve Hip and Leg Flexibility for Martial Arts

Hip & Leg Flexibility ‘Introducing Yoga for Martial Arts’ is a self-contained Yoga workout with a special emphasis More...

How to do Standing Splits

How to do Standing Splits

Standing Splits Grace takes you through a few tips which will help you along the way to achieving and perfecting a standing split. More...

How to do a Standing Quad Stretch

How to do a Standing Quad Stretch

Standing Quad Stretch Stretching the quads, or quadriceps is important in warming up the large muscles of the thigh before exercise More...

How to do Hip Flexor Stretches

How to do Hip Flexor Stretches

Hip Flexor Stretches The martial arts hip flexor stretch is a great stretch for any leg exercise. Learn how to do the hip flexor stretch More...

Red Dragon Karate Diamond Bar California

We are a family-oriented martial arts school with a very straight forward approach: To help you and your family excel in the martial arts, fitness and in life as a whole. We strive More...

Bankens Mountain Martial Arts Academy

Professor BANKENS is a longtime practitioner of the martial arts. 41 years in martial arts Professor Bankens began his lifelong journey in martial arts in 1978 at Lake Charles More...

New Mexico Martial Arts Directory

Bankens Mountain Martial Arts Academy Follow our Social Media! → Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Click Here → Like us on FaceBook Here  More...

Royce Gracie and Georges St-Pierre Training Jiu Jitsu

Royce Gracie and Georges Saint Pierre Training

This video is worth watching, it is one of those where you imagine such great fighters doing a demo technique like this. Very clean techniques, discipline, and perfection. Royce More...

How to learn Martial Arts-The fundamentals

If you ever end up in New Mexico, you have to visit Professor Kevin with your gi. Professor Kevin “Conan” Bankens has been doing martial arts for over 40 years. Through his More...

Forward Bow in Kenpo Karate

This is Forward Bow in Kenpo Karate, you will find this stance in many basic and intermediate forms. Not a stance to use More...

Delayed Sword Kenpo Karate Self Defense technique

Yellow Belt Delayed Sword Self Defense Delayed Sword, the first self-defense technique in the American Kenpo Karate More...

Why you need to wear a Rashguard The benefits of training with a Rashguard

Rashguard in Martial Arts For many years lycra was a fabric only women would wear but...

Training Equipment for MMA

Every sport requires special clothing and gear.  In Mixed Martial Arts, special equipment must be worn...

Best UFC Knockouts The top 20 Best UFC Knockouts in the History

UFC Knockouts If you like Mixed Martial Arts then you are probably a UFC fan. This...

How to stop a Knife attack to the throat

How to stop a Knife attack to the throat

Knife attack Krav Maga In today’s world knives are easy to get weapons and anyone can get one. When dealing More...

How to Defend against Side Headlock

Side Headlock Defense This attack is very common in the streets, so here we have one of the many options to..

Active Shooter and Terror Attacks

With the recent mass shootings in several cities in the United States, regardless of whether they are in schools, churches, work..

Hiraken Uchi – Leopard Fist Strike

Hiraken Uchi is also known as the Leopard Fist Strike. This strike is direct and penetrating, the fingers bend More...

Haito Uchi

This is the ridge hand technique uses the opposite side of the hand. Keep your thumb inside to avoid injuries. This..

Soto Shuto Uchi

Soto Shuto Uchi is a technique that uses the edge of the hand in a circular motion. The target area are..

How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain

How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain Motorcycle in the Rain There are some of us that love rain, but what happens if you know it will rain..
Blood Sport and Kickboxer- Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean Claude Van Damme – Best Kicks Compilation

Jean Claude Van Damme Most of my Black Belt friends watched most of his movies, my favorite ones were “no retreat..

What’s in a Scouting Report

You know, college coaches use a scouting report on every player that’s in their database. And when I say their database,..
Learn How to score from a corner in soccer

How to score from a Corner in Soccer

How to Score from a Corner If you love soccer, then you will be blown away with these 10 different ways..