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From Seasons to Lifelong Journeys: My Adventure in Sports and Martial Arts

In many countries, sports come with seasons—football in the fall, baseball in the spring. Martial arts, however, are a year-round pursuit, a continuous journey. Just as discovering one sport often leads you to another, the same holds true for martial arts. Each new practice introduces you to different disciplines, allowing your interests to evolve and leading you to the activities that truly resonate with you.

My own journey began in South America with traditional Karate lessons, which eventually led me to Kenpo Karate. During college, I dove into Taekwondo. After graduation, I spent a couple of years living on Robinson Crusoe Island, where I embraced the island life with diving, snorkeling, and exploring. Another adventure brought me to San Diego, California, where I now reside.

It all started with Kenpista, a website I created solely about Kenpo Karate. One day, while sipping a latte at my local Starbucks, I realized Kenpista was just the beginning. That’s when SportsandMartialArts.com was born. A few months later, a comment on one of my posts—“Peter, yo no hablo Inglés”—inspired me to create DeportesyArtesMarciales.com.

The journey has been incredible so far. I’ve met amazing people and shared countless experiences, but this is just the beginning. There are more adventures, more training, and more passion for sports and martial arts on the horizon.


Sensei Peter

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