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Kenpo Karate Parries

Kenpo Karate Parries

Kenpo Karate parries are not blocks, blocks are executed with a closed hand which creates a strong and slow-motion move compared to parries. Parries are with an open hand redirecting the force of an attack, they use less power. Parries can also become grabs and act against the joints like the wrist and elbows.

While doing parries you need to keep your fingers together, one of the biggest problems triggering injuries is opening your fingers. Parries are mostly moves of a 90-degree angle.

You will see parries in all Kenpo Karate self-defense techniques, parries are one of the signature moves of Kenpo Karate. Here is a list of Kenpo Karate Parries.

  1. Inward Parry
  2. Outward Parry
  3. Downward Parry
  4. Upward Parry
  5. Inside Downward Parry
  6. Horizontal Inward Palm Heel
  7. Horizontal Outward Palm Heel
  8. Vertical Upward Palm Heel

The combinations of Parries are very common in Kenpo and are in the system for a reason, here is Mohamad Tabatabai explaining the execution of parries with a wooden dummy and then with a real person.

The purpose of (the reason for “doing”) any parry is to deflect, to shift so you can “enter” and “strike”.
So if doing a parry/deflection on his outer hand/wrist at the Point-of-No-Return (timing is important) …
…then the second parry/deflection could be to his outer elbow…and in darkness.
Many times parries are combined with “traps”…half-punches…steps to circle behind without him noticing.

Dr. John La Tourrette – RIP

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