Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate Blocks

Kenpo Karate Blocks

American Kenpo Karate Blocks you will find in self-defense techniques, forms, and sets.

In Kenpo Karate we will find that each block is very different from the one done in another style since the movements are not so wide, they are more closed and they have a reason why they are so. In Kenpo, each block is a strike, and each block continues with another movement immediately, always controlling the attacker in different points.
Each block that is at the same time a strike, produces a side effect that the Kenpoist uses for its benefit.

  • Inward Block
  • Vertical Outward Block
  • Upward Block
  • Downward Block
  • Extended Outward Block
  • Outward Hand Sword Block
  • Push Down Block
  • Horizontal Downward Forearm Block
  • Vertical Inside Forearm
  • Inward Elbow
  • Downward Elbow
  • Inside Downward Elbow
  • Inside Downward (palm up)
  • Inside Downward (palm down)
  • Upward Elbow
  • Vertical Downward Palm Heel
  • Crane Block
  • Vertical Outside Forearm
  • Outward Elbow
  • Cross Block
  • Universal Block

Tips and recommendations on your Kenpo Karate Blocks

One of the most common mistakes while executing blocks is to over-extend your arms leaving your center open for your opponent. Your blocks should be:

  • Strong to be able to stop a kick or a punch on the first try.
  • Fast enough to protect your targets.
  • Coordinated with a follow-up technique, don’t just block and do nothing, do something right away.
  • Make sure your block is properly executed so you don’t hurt your fingers, wrist, or elbows while doing it.
  • Keep in mind that a block is also considered a strike if you want to disable someone’s arm you can do it by developing proper execution and applying the right amount of power. One target would be the bicep, another would be the wrist; on the legs consider the ankle and knee.
  • Your posture is key when you are blocking. You need to have a strong stance, your back has to be straight so your weight is well distributed. A strong stance will give you balance and the opportunity to succeed in your technique.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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