Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate Second Degree Brown Belt Techniques

In Brown belt you are close to black, many give up at this point. Now is when the things get more than better because you are at your peak and you know it. Decide to get better with your Kenpo, believe in yourself, you can do this!


  • Outward chopping


  • Hooking outward
  • Downward
  • Double crane clears

Finger Techniques

  • Outward two finger hook
  • Two finger poke
  1. FATAL CROSS – Front Two-Hand Attempted Grab or Push
  2. TWIRLING HAMMERS – Front Left Step Through Punch
  3. DEFENSIVE CROSS – front Right Snap Kick
  4. DANCE OF DARKNESS – Front Right Kick Followed By a Right Punch
  5. MARRIAGE OF THE RAMS – Right and Left Shoulder Grabs (Close) By Two Men
  6. THE RAM AND THE EAGLE – Front Right Punch and Left Collar Grab By Two Men
  7. ESCAPE FROM THE STORM – Right Flank Right Overhead Club
  8. CIRCLING WINDMILLS – Front Two-Hand Push Followed By a Right Punch
  9. DESTRUCTIVE KNEEL – Front Right Step Through Punch
  10. BOWING TO BUDDHA – Front Right Roundhouse Kick (While Kneeling On The Ground)
  11. REVERSING CIRCLES – Front Left Roundhouse Kick Followed By a Left Punch
  12. REPRIMANDING THE BEARS – Front Right Punch and Rear Bear-Hug By Two Men — Arms, Free
  13. CIRCLING THE STORM – Front Right Club Thrust (Poke)
  14. UNFOLDING THE DARK – Left Step-Through Punch From The Right Rear Flank
  15. UNWINDING PENDULUM – Front Right Kick Followed By A Right Punch
  16. PIERCING LANCE – Front Right Knife Thrust While Your Arms Are Up
  17. ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS – Right Punch From The Right Side
  18. CAPTURING THE ROD* – Front Right Pistol Holdup (Against Your Chest)
  19. PRANCE OF THE TIGER – Right Flank Step Trough Uppercut Punch
  20. BROKEN ROD – Rear Right Hand Pistol
  21. ENTWINING MACES – Front Right and Left Punch With Opponent’s Left Leg Forward
  22. DEFYING THE ROD – Front Right Pistol Holdup
  23. FATAL DEVIATION – Front Right and Left Punch With Opponent’s Left Leg Forward
  24. TWISTED ROD – Front Right Pistol Holdup


  • Kenpo Karate form V


  • Kenpo Karate Staff set

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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