Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate Purple Belt Techniques

I still remember my purple belt years like if it was yesterday. That was the stage when I was competing in as many tournaments as I could, but I was only sparring, I did not like forms or any other thing to do. Just sparring, I earned my Kenpo Flame patch too. Many of the ones who started with me also left, we were about 8 purple belts from my generation. But I was the only one who tested for Blue Belt.

Kenpo Karate Purple Belt Stances

  • One leg stance
  • 90° Cat stance
  • Front twist stance
  • Rear twist stance

Kenpo Purple Belt Blocks

  • Push down block
  • Cross block
  • Universal block

Kenpo Purple Belt Parries

  • Inside downward parry
  • Outside downward parry

Kenpo Purple Belt Punches

  • Roundhouse punch
  • Vertical thrusting back knuckle punch
  • Vertical snapping punch

Kenpo Purple Belt Finger Techniques

  • Vertical finger thrust
  • Upward thrust Overhead whip

Kenpo Purple Belt Strikes

  • Inward horizontal forearm
  • Outward horizontal forearm
  • Inner diagonal wrist
  • Underhand heel palm
  • Forward horizontal heel palm
  • Upward lifting back knuckle

Kenpo Purple Belt Kicks

  • Front thrusting ball kick Side
  • thrusting knife edge kick
  • Back thrusting heel Thrusting
  • Sweep kick

Kenpo Purple Belt Foot Maneuvers

  • Push drag
  • Front crossover
  • Rear crossover

Kenpo Karate Purple Belt Self Defense Techniques

  1. Twirling Wings. Left rear stiff-arm shoulder grab.
  2. Snapping Twig. Front left-hand chest push.
  3. Leaping Crane. Right front step-through punch.
  4. Swinging Pendulum. Front right roundhouse kick.
  5. Crushing Hammer. Rear bear hug- arms pinned.
  6. Captured Leaves. Right flank finger lock.
  7. Evading the Storm. Right front overhead club.
  8. Charging Ram. Front tackle.
  9. Parting Wings. Front two-hand push.
  10. Thundering Hammers. Front step-through right punch.
  11. Squeezing the Peach. Rear bear hug- arms pinned.
  12. Circling Wing. Rear two hand choke- arms bent.
  13. Calming the Storm. Front right step through roundhouse club.
  14. Darting Mace. Front two-hand wrist grab.
  15. Hooking Wings. Front two-hand low push.
  16. Shield and Sword. Left front straight through punch.
  17. Gift in Return. Handshake.
  18. Bow of Compulsion. Front wrist lock against opponent’s chest.
  19. Obstructing the storm. Right overhead club.
  20. Twin kimono. Front two-hand lapel grab- push out.
  21. Sleeper. Front right step through straight punch.
  22. Spiraling Twig. Rear bear hug, arms free.
  23. Cross of destruction. Rear two-hand choke.
  24. Flight to Freedom. Rear hammerlock.

Kenpo Karate Purple Belt Forms

  • Short form#2

Kenpo Karate Purple Belt Sets

  • Stance set #1
  • Coordination set #1

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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