Published On: Mon, Jan 1st, 2018

Reverse Bow

The Reverse Bow from Kenpo Karate

Reverse Bow

This is a very useful stance in American Kenpo Karate, it can be found on the orange belt rank and be seen all the way up to black belt. It is highly used in self-defense techniques to disable height and width; when the reverse bow is against the leg in a buckle move it can make someone fall.

You will find this stance as a requirement in the Orange Belt rank, seen and require on all belt ranks.

Tips and recommendations:

  • The reverse bow can be used before covering out from the attacker.
  • Can be combined with obscure strikes such as elbows, hammers, and swords.
  • Can be used as a buckle.
  • Always keep your back straight and hands in a defensive position at all times.



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