Neutral Stance in Kenpo Karate

Neutral Stance in Kenpo Karate

Neutral Stance

The Neutral Stance is the fundamental foundation of the Kenpo Fighting Stance. It serves as the starting point for all Kenpo self-defense techniques, as well as being prominently utilized in various sets and forms.

To assume the Neutral Stance, position your feet at shoulder-width apart, ensuring your knees are slightly bent to maintain stability and agility. In this stance, your hands are positioned in a protective manner, raised to safeguard your middle and upper sections, just as depicted in the accompanying pictures.

Neutral Stance in Kenpo Karate

The purpose of the Neutral Stance is to provide you with the freedom to move effortlessly in any direction. It is crucial that you feel at ease in this stance, enabling you to seamlessly execute a wide array of techniques with precision and effectiveness. By mastering the Neutral Stance, you establish a solid base from which you can launch into a myriad of offensive or defensive maneuvers, showcasing the versatility of Kenpo martial arts.

Do not confuse it with Karate Kiba Dachi, the Karate stance is lower and the student keeps the hands on the side by the ribs. Karate Kiba Dachi is a stance you would not do on the streets either.

The weight distribution on this stance is 50 – 50.

Neutral Stance Step by Step

  • Begin in a natural stance with your feet together, maintaining a balanced posture.
  • Take a controlled step back with your left foot, ensuring a comfortable distance between your feet.
  • As you settle into the stance, bend your knees slightly, providing a stable and grounded position.
  • Position your hands in front of you, ready to protect and engage. Your right hand assumes the crucial role of the first line of defense, poised to react swiftly and effectively to any incoming attacks.
  • Meanwhile, your left-hand serves as the reliable second line of defense, ready to support and reinforce your protective measures.
Neutral Stance in Kenpo Karate
Neutral Stance in Kenpo Karate – Side View

By adopting the Neutral Stance step by step, you establish a solid foundation for your Kenpo training. This stance not only promotes stability and balance but also positions your hands strategically to defend against potential threats. With your right hand at the forefront, you are primed to intercept and counter any attacks, while your left-hand stands ready to provide an additional layer of protection.

Through dedicated practice and refinement, this stance will become second nature, enabling you to seamlessly transition into executing a variety of techniques with precision and confidence.


  • Maintain an upright posture: It is essential to always keep your back straight while assuming a Neutral Stance. This promotes good spinal alignment and overall body stability, enabling you to execute techniques with greater efficiency and power.
  • Stay centered and balanced: Avoid the temptation to lean forward or backward while in the Neutral Stance. Instead, strive to maintain a centered position, distributing your weight evenly between both feet. This ensures optimal balance, allowing for quick changes in direction and seamless transitions between offensive and defensive maneuvers.
  • Find the right depth: While it’s important to have your knees slightly bent, be cautious not to go too low in this stance. Going excessively low can hinder your mobility and compromise your stability. Experiment with finding a comfortable depth that allows for agile movement while maintaining a solid base.

By adhering to these recommendations and focusing on maintaining proper posture, balance, and comfort, you will refine your Neutral Stance and enhance your overall martial arts practice. Embrace the learning process and continuously strive for improvement, as these foundational elements will set you on the path to mastery in Kenpo.

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