Back Hammerfist in Kenpo Karate

Back Hammer Fist in Kenpo Karate

Back Hammer Fist

The Back Hammer Fist is a powerful strike in Kenpo Karate, it can be found in many self-defense techniques, forms, and sets. This strike is found in the Yellow Belt Rank in this system.

The main target is the groin but it can also be applied to the chest and even to the face of the attacker if he is on his knees. You can use your elbow as a parry to guide yourself when hammering the groin.

Back Hammer Fist Step by Step

  • Start on a Neutral Stance or Horse Stance
  • Move your right arm slightly forward to prepare the strike
  • Form a fist and let your elbow guide you to your target
  • Now deliver your Back Hammer strike to the groin
  • You can try the same strike with your other side


  • Do not overextend your arm out when you strike
  • Do not stay there after the strike, you have to move out because the attacker might try to grab you

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