Karate Punches

These are Karate Punches found in all Traditional Karate Styles, you might find them under different names but the technique is the same.

The punches in karate are direct attacks with the closed hand. The impact is with the two main knuckles, this type of attack generates a lot of damage, there are two types are thrusting and snapping.

These are the punches found in traditional Karate:

  • Seiken Choku Zuki – Horizontal Punch
  • Gyaku Zuki – Reverse Punch
  • Kazami Zuki – Lead Jab Punch
  • Oi Zuki – Stepping Punch
  • Ura Zuki – Short Uppercut to the stomach
  • Tate Zuki – Vertical Punch
  • Nihon Zuki – Double Punch
  • Furi Sute – Whip Swing
  • Furi Zuki – Circular Swing Vertical
  • Furi Tate Zuki – Swing Vertical Punch
  • Nagashi Zuki – Flowing Punch
  • Jun Zuki – Leading Punch

Karate Requirements

  • Karate Stances
  • Karate Punches
  • Karate Kicks
  • Karate Blocks
  • Karate Strikes
  • Karate Traditional Katas
  • Karate Traditional Weapons
  • Karate General Terminology

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