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Taekwondo Front Kick

Taekwondo is currently one of the most practiced martial arts, as is judo, karate or hapkido. Its name derives from the Korean meanings “tae”, which means foot and “kwon”, which means strike.

While in College I had the opportunity to learn Taekwondo (WTF) I also had the chance to compete in several tournaments. Here is a list of everything I have learned, also I have added some organized techniques and articles to offer this free resource compilation to anyone who is looking for more knowledge.

Taekwondo Ranks

  1. White belt: (8th gup)
  2. Yellow belt: (7th gup)
  3. Orange belt: (6th gup)
  4. Green belt: (5th gup)
  5. Blue Belt: (4th gup)
  6. Purple Belt: (3th gup)
  7. Red Belt: (2nd gup)
  8. Brown Belt: (1th gup)
  9. Black belt

These are the traditional Taekwondo ranks, depending on the school, association, lineage and branch organization can also be found intermediate ranks where instructors use stripes in each belt to differentiate the student’s level of learning.

The 2 largest Taekwondo associations are the International Taekwondo Federation and the World Taekwondo Federation. Each of these associations has a different uniform and can also have a different ranks system.



Main Taekwondo picture by Max Pixel.


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