How to build Legs & glutes you can be proud of

How to build Legs & glutes you can be proud of

Build Legs & Glutes

Having strong legs and beautiful glutes is a must for every girl. If you want to shape up your glutes and thighs, but you’re short on time and space, this workout is for you. Most of us don’t have all day to train, but this 15-minute session targets those major muscle groups quickly and effectively so you can get your workout out of the way and get back to your busy day! This is the workout for you.

Step by step

  • Backward Lunge Kick-up: 10 reps on each leg.
  • Sumo Jump Squat and leg lift: 10 reps on each leg.
  • Pistol Squat to Deadlift: 10 reps on each leg alternating.
  • Curtsy Lunge to Side-Kick: 10 reps on each leg.
  • Squat to Lunge Jump: 10 reps.


  • Don’t get scared off by these exercise combinations, either. You can modify these movements as much as you need to, so just do your best to nail each version. The ability to scale this workout and go at your own pace means you have no excuses.
  • Always keep your back straight on any of these exercises.
  • Turn on your favorite music and get your water.
  • 15-second rest after each exercise.

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