Zuzka Light’s Full-Body Workout

Full-Body Workout for Women only

Full-Body Workout for Women

The goal of this workout is to really elevate your heart rate and target nearly every muscle in your body. You’ll push yourself to exhaustion in minimal time. Best of all, this high-intensity routine can be done on a daily basis.

These are the exercises you will be doing in this workout:

  • Jump Squat: This workout will get you warmed up and ready for the rest of the exercises.
  • Push-up: Our good old friend to help us tone our arms, chest, triceps, and shoulders.
  • Burpee: Drop down and set in a push-up position then get up to jump with arms reaching up.
  • Jump Lunge: A present to your quads, be careful not to hit your knee when you go down.
  • Mountain Climber: Your upper body is supporting your entire body so your legs can do these mountain climbers for you.

You can lose 5 pounds in a week if you do this workout routine twice a day.

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