Yoko Hiji Ate – Side Elbow Strike

Yoko Hiji Ate

Yoko Hiji Ate

The side Elbow strike might be found in a few Katas but it is found in many techniques. A perfect strike for self defense techniques which can also stop any attacker if is properly applied.

The targets for a side elbow strike

The targets can be many by mainly we can mention the face, nose, eye, temple, mouth, ribs, chest and stomach. This technique is powered by body movement and footwork.

  • In a self defense scenario this technique can be applied in many ways. If your attacker is aggressively approaching you can just form the elbow strike and apply the Hikite principle or pulling force on the strike. This is a fast strike because it uses half of the arm which moves faster, can generate more power than a single punch and uses a massive bone instead of small bones of a fist; you can easily knock someone out.

The side elbow strike is a very effective strike, it can result in a surprise knockout, especially is coming to attack you from the side grabbing you, pulling you or with the intention to punch you.

How to do the Side Elbow Strike?

  • You can start on a Kiba Dachi, Heisoku Dachi or a Natural stance as you were on the street.
  • Turn your eyes to your target as you move your striking arm away fully extended.
  • Take your arm to the target as you bend your arm to form the elbow strike.
  • Make sure your arm is aligned because this will increase the effectiveness of the strike.
  • Repeat the same action on the other side.

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