How to Wrap Your Hands by Yourself Boxing Lessons


Wrap Hands Yourself

When you’re wrapping hands, and you’re by yourself, and you have no one to help you wrap hands like I showed you in the first part, this is how you wrap your hands on your own. Because it’s awfully hard to get that layer factor with one hand doing it yourself.

We come around the thumb, seam down. We start at the wrist, two or three times around. I’m going to leave two on that this time. Then come over the thumb, around.

Neiman’s going to spread his fingers wide. Now I’m going to loosely come around the hand. This is where it’s going to be hard to layer back and forth. What I do is I make a layer, but I come around the hand so he’s easily able to do this with his left hand. All right. And then I come around the lateral portion of the hand there, around the thumb area, I go right to pinkie, right to index, and to the middle finger just like I did before.

That forward part of the wrap, that forward cushion that we extend to the knuckles, is what protects the hands. That’s why we want to keep it loose and we want to bring that wrap to the knuckle. From there we come around this portion of the thumb again, and we’re going to secure it in, once, twice.

Now, let’s say Neiman hurt his wrist. He’s not hurt, but let’s just say he did hurt his wrist. All right. I want to leave a little bit more length on my wrap so I can give that wrist some extra support. Now he’s got more support in his wrist. He’s got a cushion. That’s a great wrap.

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