Wide kneel Stance in Kenpo Karate

Wide kneel Stance

Wide kneel Stance

This stance is found in the Stance Set, we can also find it in Kenpo forms and self-defense techniques. It is part of the purple belt requirements in some systems and maybe in other belts depending on the Kenpo lineage.

The open knee position is defined as a “collapsed neutral arch” that maintains the same weight distribution as in its non-collapsed form. Its weight distribution is 50/50. This pose is used to accentuate the marriage of gravity.

Wide kneel Stance Step by Step

  • Start by executing a neutral stance.
  • Now bend your back knee and stand tall on the ball of your back foot.
  • Keep your back knee at 45 degrees with your foot pointing forward.

Wide kneel Stance in Kenpo Karate


  • Do not go too down much in this position as it will not allow you to move with speed.
  • Keep your back straight and centered.
  • Don’t spread your legs too wide, keep them shoulder-width apart.
  • Do not lean forward or you could lose your balance.
  • Your weight distribution should be 50/50.

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