Wide Kneel Stance in Kenpo Karate

Wide Kneel

Wide kneel Stance

A wide kneel is defined as a “collapsed neutral bow” that maintains the same weight distribution as it does in its not collapsed form, Its weight distribution is 50/50. This stance is used to accentuate Marriage of Gravity.

You will find this stance in many Kenpo forms and self-defense techniques.

Wide Kneel Stance Step by Step

  • Get started by executing a Neutral Bow.
  • Now bend your rear knee and stay up on the ball of your rear foot.
  • Have your rear knee at 45 degrees having your foot pointing forward.



  • Keep your back straight and centered.
  • Do not open your legs too much, keep them shoulder width.
  • Do not lean forward because you might lose your balance.
  • Your weight distribution should be 50/50.

Kenpo Karate Requirements

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