V-Cut Abs Home Workout

V-Cut Abs Home Workout

Abs Super Shaper

Intense abs workout to target the core and hip flexors and help you develop a nice looking v-cut! This is an intense training circuit to get real results, you can also use these exercises to add them to your current training routine. If you don’t have a training routine then pick the exercises you like and make one.

On this Ab Summer Shaper routine you will find these eleven exercises:

  1. Knee up: Keep your feet together, hands on the side for support, now lift your knees together up and down.
  2. Twists: the same routine with the knee up but twist your hips when you lift your knees.
  3. Straight Legs:  Keeping your feet together lift your legs up and down.
  4. Sit up: Your traditional sip up exercise.
  5. Cross Toe Touch: Lift one leg and your opposite hand touches your toes.
  6. Sit up Twist: Your traditional sip up exercise but when you go up your elbow touches your opposite side.
  7. Arch Sit up:  Warning, this only for advanced. Keep your back arched and do your sit up.
  8. Lying Leg Raise: Just like Straight Legs but go down slowly.
  9. Hollow Body Raise: Just like the Lying Leg Raise but hold your arms and arch your back.
  10. Flutter Kicks: Do the same Hollow body Raise but with the difference that here you are kicking with both legs at the same time.
  11. Finisher: Put both hands on the mat, lift your knees up then your legs up.


  • Do your workout in a place with a flat surface
  • Get on a mat and make sure it can cover your entire back
  • Get your favorite training music to make it even better

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