Using a Step Box in Footwork Training Boxing Lessons

Using a Step Box in Footwork Training Boxing Lessons

Step Box in Footwork Training

The shuffle box is a great tool for working rhythm and working your footwork, because it allows one to really feel a sense of rhythm and get a strong command of their feet, so we can start with the shuffle box just like this. And we’re not worried about boxing in this particular drill, all right, we’re working our cores as well.

The back is leaning forward somewhat, our core is tight, all right, and we’re working an athletic swing with our arms, working the opposite arm forward, and we’re shuffle boxing, back and forth. And then we can, we can work double steps, all right. Also, with the shuffle box, we have lateral movement, so it works just like this, leaning slightly forward, our core is tight, and we’re working our feet. This is a great way to supplement your footwork, other than jumping rope every day, work the shuffle box. The shuffle box also can be executed by shuffling your feet one way, going around the world, work in double steps, come around the world with little pivots, work speed, double taps, that’s the shuffle box, a great way to start the day.

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