Ushiro Tobi Geri – Back Jumping Kick

This is Ushiro Tobi Geri - Back Jumping Kick

If we translate Ushiro Tobi Geri we would have the following:

Ushiro: rear     Tobi: jump   Geri: kick

Ushiro Tobi Geri is one of those kicks with destructive power, it takes time to master it but once you learn it and make it your own then it can help you win any Kumite match. Timing, speed, accuracy, and power all in one motion. There are two kinds of Ushiro Tobi Geri, the one you can use in Kumite and the one you can use in a self-defense situation.

Step by Step

  • Start in a fighting stance
  • Turn your feet showing your back to your opponent
  • Bend your knees a little bit to feed your jump
  • Immediately deliver a back kick
  • Land keeping your hands up and eyes on your opponent

This kick is present in many martial arts under different names, it is considered a devastating kick if used in Kumite.

Ushiro Tobi Geri in a Self Defense Technique

  • You can use this kick if your attacker is coming as a threat from behind, you see him getting closer and when you’re in range you execute your kick. But in this case you better modify the angle in 45 degrees going up, this will disable the attacker right away, especially if you kick him in the groin.


  • Use your hip to increase the kicking power
  • Always keep your hand ups to allow your legs to move freely and cover yourself up

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