How to Use Airsoft Grenade Effectively


Now, for Airsoft grenades, not everybody’s gonna use them, some people will. If you decide to go with an Airsoft grenade, the very first thing you should always remember is not to have it hanging off of you in a way to where it can go off on you. You wanna keep it secured inside of a pouch, inside of your pocket, wherever. Just as long as the pin is not sticking out, so it can’t get snagged on anything. I have my grenade in the drop pouch right here. A good technique for throwing the grenade, hold the grenade at your chest in your throwing arm. I’m left handed, I’m gonna hold it in my left hand. I’m gonna hold it up to my chest, I’m gonna grab the pin with my right. I’m gonna pull the pin. That grenade is not actuated until I let go of the spoon. Once I let go of the spoon, the grenade will be armed. When throwing the grenade, you basically just throw it like a baseball. Whatever distance you want, however far you wanna throw it.