Upward Elbow Strike in Kenpo Karate

The Upward Elbow Strike in Kenpo Karate

Upward Elbow Strike

The upward elbow strike is a fulminating move that is found and is part of many martial arts. The elbow is a pointed bone that is the result of the contraction of the arm. The impact that is usually to the face, can also be to the chest and produces a lot of damage.

This type of strike is present in self-defense techniques and forms. In the techniques of defense personal plays a key role in the control of the opponent allowing generating key moments to insert other movements.

Upward Elbow Strike Step by Step

  • In a natural or normal position, make a fist
  • Contract your arm where your fist is near your shoulder.
  • Turn your fist vertically so that when you do the strike you do not hit your face with your own fist.
  • Do the same action with your opposite side.


  • This elbow strike is recommended to use when the attacker is at a close range
  • It is not recommended to use this blow to advance when the opponent is far away, as he can retreat and counterattack.
  • When you execute this strike your other hand must be in the middle of your solar plexus ready to perform any defensive or offensive movement if necessary.

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