Ultimate Taekwondo Knockouts

Ultimate Taekwondo Knockouts

Taekwondo Knockouts

In Taekwondo due to the speed of most of the kicks you are required to wear protection, I know it might make you feel uncomfortable to move, kick and counter-attack. In today’s Taekwondo tournaments you are required to carry these to be able to compete and you know if you don’t have them then you will not be allowed to participate at all.

Sometimes when you compete you might score a point or two, but there are times when you are caught in a very fast spin. Here are some of those moments when you get caught so bad it hurts to look at.

Tournament recommendations:

  • Invest in your own personal gear, don’t be cheap on it. See your gear as your health insurance.
  • Invest in your sparring uniform, it has to feel comfortable, not too big or sagy, consider breathable material.
  • Keep on training like if you have a tournament every weekend, so you don’t have to overtrain when there is a real tournament coming up.
  • Clean your gear properly, you don’t want it to develop any kind of bacteria.

Taekwondo Techniques

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