Ultimate Legs Workout with Craig Capurso

If you thought your leg day was tough, wait until you get a look at what Craig Capurso does.

In this ultimate leg workout designed to tax your mind and your muscles, Capurso takes you through six exercises and multiple modalities, such as AMRAP, cluster sets, dropsets, isometric holds, and ascending rep ranges, to give you the meanest leg workout you’ve ever seen!

| Craig Capurso’s Ultimate Leg Workout |
1. Superset
Squat Bottom Position Hold – 30 seconds
TRX Squat Jump – 30 seconds
2. Barbell Squat
3 sets, 15,10,10 reps (warm-up sets)
1 set, 12 reps (with 5-rep weight, cluster set)
1 set, AMRAP (with 5-rep weight)
3. Leg Press – 1 set, Max reps (in 4 min.)
4. Seated Leg Curl – 2 sets, 6 reps (unilateral ascending reps per set)
5. One Leg Barbell Squat or Bulgarian Split Squat – 1 set, 30 seconds (per side)

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