Two Man Set Black Belt Division at the Long Beach Internationals


Two Man Set American Kenpo Karate

The Argentinian Team presenting American Kenpo Two Men Set at the Long Beach International Championships 2014, Black belt division.

This set is a continuous sequence of Kenpo techniques that require two kenpoists. At the black belt level should be executed with speed, accuracy, and power but with enough confidence. Offensive and defense move where you can see all kinds of strikes, punches, and kicks.

The Two Man Set also known as “The Black Belt Set” initially, originally appeared in “Secrets of Chinese Karate” published in 1963. This was during Mr. Parker’s Chinese Kenpo period under Sifu Ark Wong, when the only significant form was the Hung Gar version of “Tiger and the Crane,” while other forms were a “work-in-progress” through the major efforts of Sifu James “Jimmy” Wing Woo.

While The Two Man Set was listed in Infinite Insights, it is important to understand the infinite Insights material was an accumulation of material from the sixties and early seventies that was ten years old at publication, and finally codified by Mr. Parker, but was in no way a mandated teaching list, but instead more of a historical reference written for all martial artists, not just his “Kenpo” people.

This set is part of the American Kenpo Karate, a self-defense system created by Edmund Parker, who innovated new concepts to create a modern martial art style focused on self-defense.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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