How to do Twisted Twig Self Defense Technique

How to do Twisted Twig Self Defense Technique

Twisted Twig

This self-defense technique is found in the Orange belt rank in the American Kenpo Karate, simple and easy to learn can someday save your life. It is against a front wrist lock, let’s go over the steps:

  • As your right wrist gets locked do a right step aiming with your elbow to his chest.
  • You are in a right neutral bow and as you step forward and pull your elbow up; hit his right forearm down with your left hand. (this will disable his balance)
  • Then do a right upward elbow strike and a back elbow strike to the stomach to finalize with a back hammer fist to his groin.

Cover out and keep your hands up.


  • Make sure your left hand is checking at all times.
  • Move your hands up right after the hammer strike and cross out.

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