How to do Twirling Wings Self Defense Technique

How to do Twirling Wings Self Defense Technique

Twirling Wings

Twirling Wings Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique found in the purple belt, this is considered an intermediate level technique. This technique is against a rear two hand stiff arm shoulder grab.

Twirling Wings step by step

  • As you are being grabbed step back with your left foot as you grab the left hand with your right hand.
  • Turn counterclockwise grabbing that wrist and executing a left outward block.
  • Execute a right elbow strike to the rib cage and then another elbow strike to the solar plexus. Make sure the other hand is checking while you deliver your elbow strike.
  • Cover out.


  • You must check and pin the left hand before turning otherwise this hand might hit your face, this will also lock it to break the elbow.
  • Drop your height on the second elbow strike, this will increase the intensity on it.

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