How to do Twirling Sacrifice Self Defense Technique

How to do Twirling Sacrifice Self Defense Technique

Twirling Sacrifice

Twirling Sacrifice is a Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique found in the green belt rank which also has an extension found in Third Degree Black Belt. This technique is against a Full Nelson attack. This technique takes the attacker directly to the ground allowing you to dominate him in any direction. But you will have to hold him and be able to throw him away from you.

Twirling Sacrifice Step by Step

  • As you are grabbed drop your height on a horse stance.
  • Lock the attacker’s arms with your forearms, place your left foot behind him and grab both legs.
  • Do a 360-degree turn holding the opponent and then throw him.
  • Keep your hands up.

This is Twirling Sacrifice extension which is required for Third Degree Black Belt, executed by Rick Jeffcoat.


  • When you grab and hold your opponent you must throw him against the closest wall, if there is no wall then away from you.

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