Tripping Arrow Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique

Tripping Arrow Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique

Tripping Arrow

Tripping Arrow is a Self Defense Technique found in the Kenpo Karate Blue Belt rank, this is a technique against a¬†Front bear hug with arms free. This is the typical kind of attack when someone wants to manipulate you to take you somewhere, Kenpo offers several options for an attack like this. If you have your arms free you have several options but you need to know what weapons to use. Let’s go over the details of this one step by step:

  • As your opponent comes in step to your left as you lock his right arm while delivering a right heel palm to his face. Remember to drop your height.
  • Move your right foot behind his right foot and sweep him, he should fall in front of you.
  • After he falls you can deliver a punch of a kick to disable him more.
  • Lastly, cover out.

Tripping Arrow Recommendations:

  • After you learned this technique try it against an opponent with a different size.
  • Keep your back straight at all times, do not lean to your opponent because you will lose your balance.
  • When you sweep his right leg try to keep your back straight so you don’t fall with him.
  • Your right leg disables and sweeps his right leg with a buckle.
  • He should fall right in front of you if he does not then you are doing something wrong.

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