Triggered Salute Self Defense Technique


Triggered Salute

This is a front right-hand push attack found in the Orange Belt rank. There are few different versions of this technique depending on the instructor’s lineage. This is a simple but very effective technique which can save your life.

How to do Triggered Salute? Here are the steps:

  1. Your opponent pushes your left shoulder with his right hand, then you step forward and to your left with your right foot to 11 o’clock, with a neutral bow buckle on the inside of opponent’s right knee. Then pin opponent’s right hand with your left and strike opponent’s chin with a right forward heel palm thrust.
  2.  Shift your right hand to 11 o’clock forming the shape of the crane and hook opponent’s right arm down, use this angle to deliver a right inward horizontal elbow strike to opponent’s solar plexus.
  3.  After following through with a first elbow shot, deliver a right outward horizontal elbow strike to opponent’s right floating ribs.
  4.  Without hesitation, follow-up with a right horizontal back knuckle strike to opponent’s right floating ribs or kidney and immediately cock your right fist to your right hip.
  5.  Execute a right uppercut up, check and cover out.

You will see this self-defense technique again in the First Degree Brown Belt Rank with its extension.

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