The tricking age in Martial Arts


The tricking age

Twenty years ago we only had traditional form divisions on our Martial Arts Tournaments, in the early 90’s we start to see Mike Chat, Carmichael Simon, Jon Valera, Jean Frenette (considered a pioneer in musical forms) and others with their Extreme musical forms. Back then many said it was not martial arts but just a bunch of kicks and punches with music…some called them the end of traditional martial arts….well back then Extreme Musical forms got many martial artists straight to Hollywood, for example, Mike Chat who does not need presentation; staring as the red Power Ranger, he has also appeared in a few films like Mortal Kombat Conquest,¬†Austin Powers in Goldmember, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers in 3D: Triple Force, Little Manhattan, The Time Machine…

Well, now the interest for Extreme Musical Forms has been growing more. One of them is Matt Emig, with a great team of martial artists proficient in weapons, kicks, and punches.

Let’s remember the pioneering Master Jean Frenette.

Mike Chat in action.

Here is a nice Demo reel, Matt Emig & Mackensi Emory.

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