How to do a Triangle Choke from Guard w Head Control


Triangle Choke from Guard

Now we’re going to go over our triangles. Now we have some other triangle videos that we’ve done. So we’re going to go into a little bit more advanced stuff here. All right. Now basic triangle setup. Okay. All right. He tries to posture up. I grab his wrist. I push it in. And I get to the pre-triangle. But notice if I’m holding here, I don’t have a block to the punch here. Right. So it does work. I’m here. Boom. It can go. But what I’d prefer is this setup. This setup is a setup that I’ve seen Fabricio Werdum do, who tapped Fedor. A really, really great triangle. So I have that posture control. Right. And I reach around, and I cup in here in his armpit. Okay.

Right. Also Javier Vasquez does it, too. He does it a little different. But the same idea, this cup. Now I bring this knee in tight like this, either on his hip here, or up on his back. Now Chad punch me in the face, with the other hand. Punch me hard, as hard as you can. Hard as you can. Hard, hard. See, it doesn’t hurt, because he gets no grip. Now I push the arm out, or I push the arm in. Either one. I push the arm out. I bring it over, and I can lock my triangle, pre-triangle. Or I push it in, and I can lock my pre-triangle. Okay. One more time. Maybe he’s got posture. Bring him in. Establish the snake. Very important, put this foot on his hip and come into his armpit. If he’s very tall, just put your foot on his back into his armpit. Punch me in the face, Chad. I’m totally fine. I push the arm out, bring it over, I’m right here. I push the arm in, right here. Okay. And that’s the setup, and here’s where we get the pre-triangle. Now we’ve talked about our triangle finish. The idea is to get the arm over here.

So we’re going to do some of the videos we talked about here. We’re going to do the regular . Okay. Elbow hook. Or straight arm lock. Now he’s going to defend the straight arm lock. I come here. Lock up the triangle. Make sure your thigh is covering this shoulder, your feet are flexed. You can push down like this, or finish like this. Or finish like this. Okay. Let’s go over that whole thing one more time. Break the posture. Hip up. Get the snake. Push the arm. Pre-triangle. Submit. Submit. Pull the arm across. Grab your shin. Shift. Lock up. Submit here. Submit here. And that’s a more advanced version of attacking the triangle.

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