Training and Exam at 3K Martial Arts in Anaheim, California

3K Martial Arts

3K Martial Martial Arts in Anaheim had their rank testing last Saturday 17 and Sensei Erika invited me to help her test her students, I had the pleasure to share 40 minutes of hard Japanese Karate training, stretching exercises, striking techniques, Kata, and sparring.

Sensei Erika Acevedo wanted to do something special this time, so I geared up and each one of her students had to spar with me to pass the test, yes from White to Brown belt all 22 students had to do Kumite with me. I was an awesome experience where all of them had to prove they were worthy of their new rank. Here are some videos and pictures I would like to share with all of you Martia Arts Friends.

Address: 6503 Serrano Ave # B, Anaheim, CA 92807
Phone: (714) 279-9821

Karate Techniques

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