Training Equipment for MMA


Every sport requires special clothing and gear.  In Mixed Martial Arts, special equipment must be worn to protect yourself during your training sessions.   Here is a complete list of what you need before you start your training.

Boxing Gloves

Heavy gloves are needed develop powerful jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and combinations.  Most women train with 10 oz or 12 oz gloves.  Men train with 8, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 20 oz gloves.

MMA Gloves

If you want to compete in the sport, then you will need to get yourself a pair. Train with them and get used to them during sparring and grappling. Get your own gloves, don’t share them because these will form your hand’s shape.  Leather gloves with latex padding are what the professionals use in the Cage or ring, so do not be fooled by cheap imitation gloves.

Hand wraps

Area stretchy, cotton wrap protects the fists in combat.  A fighter must protect his weapons- the wrist and hands.


A really important item that will help you protect your skull from elbows, punches, kicks, and knees.


Essential for Male fighters to protect the groin area.


Important for protecting your teeth while training and competing.  It is better that you train with your mouthpiece in so that you get used to breathing with it.

MMA shin guards

The name says it all, if you love low kicks, you need them.   Practice your low kicks daily.  A good low kick can put your opponent on the ground and out of the game.

Jump rope

Needed to warm up before your training session.  Improves foot speed and quickness.

Thai Pads

Very good for power kicking- Muay Thai knees, front kicks, and roundhouse kicks.

Focus mitts

Very good for power punching.   They will help your speed, precision, and focus.


One of the best “toys” to train with!   Excellent for body conditioning, strength, and power.

MMA fight shorts

You will need many pairs of fight shorts.   Make sure these are made of strong fabric and that they feel comfortable when you kick or grapple.

MMA rashguard

You will need a rash guard for grappling and no gi jiu-jitsu training.

We recommend you to get your own gear for your own safety.   You don’t want to catch germs, infections or diseases from used gear.

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