Traditional Karate vs. Karate Kyokushin

Traditional Karate vs. Karate Kyokushin

Traditional Karate vs. Karate Kyokushin

The Stunt People are a premier independent stunt team based out of California, they do all the great fight scenes, parkour and stunt fall you see on the big movies. I would like to share this great clip where Lucas Okuma and Hiroshi Adachi face off in a badass Karate fight to the finish. Now enjoy this great fight scene where these two karate guys do what they do best, close contact Kumite.

This is a very interesting point of view from 2 different kinds of Karate. Traditional Karate is very different than Karate Kyokushin. Kyokushin is also known as “The Strong Karate“, where leg kicks are permitted and are a common weapon of choice in their Kumite. Traditional Karate is mostly concentrated on Katas, Kobudo, and some self-defense techniques, but in sparring, they concentrate on scoring points when competing but with control.

The World Karate Federation has strict requirements and guidelines for Kumite, you need to have two belts regarding of your rank if you would like to compete, either red or blue belt. Certified and approved sparring gear are also required.

Dragon Machida (UFC fighter) from Brazil has been training Traditional Karate his whole life, on the other side, we have George Saint Pierre (UFC Title Holder) who has been training Kyokushin Karate most of his life.

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