How to Do a Tornado Roundhouse Kick

Tornado Roundhouse Kick

Tornado Roundhouse Kick

This is a very fast kick which can also be very powerful because of the spin and momentum applied to it. Let’s go over all the necessary steps to do this kick:

  • Start on a fighting stance, keep your hands up so they don’t bother you when you spin.
  • Make the turn and at the end of the turn do a small jump.
  • Add the roundhouse kick.
  • Go back to your fighting stance.


  • Do not practice this kick in the air, because the power of the kick has to be transferred otherwise your knee will absorb the pressure.
  • It is important to find your distance, not too far and not too close.
  • If you would like to use this kick in competition you need to have good timing, practice your spin and keep your hands up.
  • You are required to have decent stretching abilities.


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