Top Triangle Choke from Scarf Hold Crucifix


Top Triangle Choke

All right guys, we are going to do another triangle. Like every triangle, we do all the principles the same, make sure you’re feet are flexed. We are going to do another triangle from top scarf, all right? Again, I’m scarf hold position and I have this position, not this position, all right?

Now, we did a Kimora and an arm lock from here. Watch what I’m going to do. Elbow in, chop, that’s the move. Ready? From here, scarf, one, two, squeeze, start attacking his head. Start attacking his head. I can even choke him here, or a lot of times I like to push his head down. Now, I’m going to set a trap. I’m pushing his head, pushing, pushing, pushing, maybe choking him with this Copacabana Strangler choke. I let it go. What happens? He picks his head up. That’s the trick. I push, I let go, and that’s when I come underneath his head. See that space? That’s what we want. The whole time, I could also maybe punch him in the face. Here.

He comes up, cup it, the leg comes under, and I flex my feet, my instep, and squeeze. I also have an inverted arm lock here, right there. If I miss it and I can’t get the tap, I’m going to come right here into this position here, in that Bronco position. Let’s go through it one more time. Here in the scarf, one, two, make sure you have your balance here, you don’t want to fall over. So, you have to use your butt as a little balance, and immediately push his head. Come up, Chad. See, he can’t come up. This is critical. You can also choke him here, too. He’s not going to like that. You let go for a second, cup his head, bring the leg over, lock the triangle. If it doesn’t work, you have the arm lock, doesn’t work, you base on the floor, let your triangle go, pump the arm, and finish. And that’s a triangle combination from scarf hold.

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