How to do Thundering Hammers Self Defense Technique

How to do Thundering Hammers Self Defense Technique

Thundering Hammers

Thundering Hammers is one of the classic self-defense techniques found in American Kenpo Karate, you will see it on most every seminar, self-defense category at a Kenpo tournament, you can find it on your form 4. Here you have 3 different videos presenting the very same technique.

Let’s go over this technique step by step:

  • As the punch comes in step to your 10 with your left foot while you block the punch using an inward block.
  • Deliver an inward forearm strike to the middle section using your right arm.
  • Execute a left hammer strike to the kidney and finish the technique with a right hammer strike to the neck.


  • Right after your first hammer turn it into a check to be able to continue with the second hammer.
  • your right knee should check his right knee.

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