How to do Thrusting Salute Self Defense Technique

How to do Thrusting Salute Self Defense Technique

Thrusting Salute

This self-defense is against a right step-through kick or thrusting ball kick. Thrusting Salute is one of those techniques that offers several options to insert moves but in the orange belt in Kenpo Karate stays simple.

Thrusting Salute step by step

  1. As the front kick comes in, do a left downward block as you step out of the line of attack with your right foot.
  2. Deliver a right kick to the groin, you control his height with this kick and he will naturally lean forward.
  3. As he leans forward and you step down after delivering your kick execute a right straight heel palm to his face/nose/chin depending on how close he is.
  4. Step out covering yourself.

We all love Professor Juan Serrano and Cliff Seminerio, you can see their passion for their work. They take the time to easily explain to detail each technique and quickly walk you step by step. These two great kenpoists are really well known in our Martial Art community, they have gained admiration and respect from all of us.


  • Block the kick as your right foot moves to 4 o’clock, getting out of the line of attack.
  • Make sure you do your heel palm as your right foot lands.

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