Thrusting Prongs Orange Belt Self Defense Technique

Thrusting Prongs

Thrusting Prongs Orange Belt Self Defense

This is a self-defense technique found in the orange belt Kenpo system, it is against a front bear hug with arms pinned. Let’s go over the details on this one:

  • As you are grabbed place your right foot back into a forward bow and push the groin with your fists.
  • Circle your left arm around his right side till you check¬†his arm and do a right push down to¬†bring him forward.
  • Knee the groin area.
  • Right knife edge to his left knee.
  • Right knuckle to his face and cover out.

You could also end with a right inward elbow strike to his face and the cross out.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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