Learn how to throw an uppercut in boxing

How to Throw an Uppercut Boxing Lessons

The Uppercut

This is a powerful punch in Boxing, it goes directly to the chin and it can only be executed in close range, if you try to execute it from a long distance you will open yourself up and your opponent will have many openings such the ribs, stomach and one side of your face. You need to be fast enough to get close to your opponent to do an uppercut.

  • An uppercut is an excellent option if you are cornered and receiving, you need to protect yourself to wait for the perfect moment. You can get close with a job and cross then attack the body which can help you uncover the face of your opponent to try to connect with an uppercut.

This powerful punch can knock out an opponent, disable his stance and make him lose his balance. In many boxing matches, we have seen how the uppercut has ended many matches with a technical knockout. Several boxers have devastating uppercuts.


  • Use your hip to add power to this punch by lowering your center then using your legs and hips.
  • This punch only works in close range, do not try to do it from a long distance because you will leave your body open.
  • Punch the body to find an open spot to land your uppercut in close range.

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