How to Throw a Left Jab in Boxing

How to Throw a Left Jab in Boxing

Left Jab

From my perspective, a jab is the most fundamental punch in boxing. It sets up practically everything. We’re going to throw the jab today from a standstill position.

All right. Terry’s going to throw the jab, and he’s going to turn his hip ever so gently with the jab. You notice his feet are loaded. For instructional purposes, Terry moves this foot back just a little bit, and he’s going.

to turn his hip into that jab from a standstill and pop it straight out. He’s going to keep his elbow tucked in as well. He’s not going to show elbow because if he shows too much elbow he’ll telegraph the technique. All right. That’s a good jab.

Now we’re going to show you how to move off your jab. It’s putting the fundamental of a box step and a jab together. Terry’s going to throw his jab in twos. I like to throw my jab in twos, not singles, twice. Show us the jab moving in your box step forward, Terry, or to the left if you don’t have space.

So, as you can see here, Terry’s working his jab. From the standstill position. Or, with a box step. And he’s moving with the jab at every different angle you can think of. He’ll move it to the left. He’ll hit it moving to the right. When you hit your jab moving to the right it’s a little, tiny cross step you have to make. So watch Terry do that one more time. Jab into the left, and jab into the right. That’s how you jab.

Now, today I’m going to show you two techniques. Your jab backward can be done two different ways. Terry, show us how it’s done. So what Terry does is he makes space and hits his opponent coming to him. Or, you can throw your jab just like this. I call it back jab. You send your jab up to set up the right hand. So, as you push off with the loaded foot now coming from the front we jab out, and then you can just drop your right hand.


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