How to Throw a Left Hook Boxing Lessons

Left Hook Boxing Lessons

How to Throw a Left Hook

There are a couple of different ways to throw your hook punch. I’ll share the ones with you that I like best.

First, Terry is going to assume his stance, and he’s going to lengthen his stance just a tad more to show you the dynamics of his footwork in this punch. First, he’s going to throw the European hook. It’s called the European hook because the thumb is going to be pointing to you if you were to make a thumb. It’s going to point to you. It’s a very defensive punch. Anderson Silva loves this punch.

All right. And he turns the hip over, and if he wants to execute it with more power he turns the front foot over like so. If he pops that front elbow just a tad more it can also serve as a block when I come to him. All right.

Now, watch. If he throws that punch longer, the European hook, and he pops his elbow, all right, it’s very hard for me to penetrate with a right hand. Give it a little bit more pop. Hook. Freeze it right there. If his elbow’s popped, see, it serves as a block as well. So I like the European hook.

One of Terry’s favorite punches is the American hook. We call it the American hook because his thumb is going to be up. It comes with great power. Show us the American hook, Terry. He can either do that on a pivot, or he can keep that foot planted.

And what’s nice about this shot, you can come at all sorts of crazy angles. I’m quite fond of the hook punch because it’s stealth. It’s the leading hand. If Terry puts his hands up, as you can see, I can see most of what’s coming if I’m standing right in front of Terry. I can see most of what’s coming with his right hand, but since this is the leading hand it gives me less time to react. So, this is a stealth punch, and when worked properly with the jab with the leading hand the hook punch is dangerous.

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