The Superman Punch

How to do the Superman Punch in Point Sparring

Superman Punch

The Superman Punch! Man do I see this technique overused a lot. However, when set up properly it can actually be pretty damn effective! Not to mention, you’ll look pretty Badass landing it too! Key points to remember:

  • DO NOT! DO NOT! DO NOT, overuse this technique! This technique isn’t one of those techniques that you will use over and over again. Set it up!
  • Use it in conjunction with your basic techniques. Mix up your strikes!
  • Sell that FAKE leg kick! Not only will this create an opening to land your punch, but it will allow you to add more power as you are kicking that leg back.
  • DO NOT throw your weight forward! You should land with your legs square under you again so you will remain standing with a strong base!

This technique is also seen in Sports Karate, a very effective option to score a fast decisive point.

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