The Scorpion Pose in Yoga

The Scorpion Pose in Yoga
The Scorpion Pose in Yoga

The Scorpion Pose

This is a very difficult yoga posture, but like all yoga postures, the scorpion posture also has a lot of benefits. This posture is called a scorpion pose because when it is fully performed, the shape of the artist’s body resembles that of a scorpion that is ready to bite someone. The Sanskrit name of this posture is Vrischika-asana, which literally means the posture

Scorpion Pose Benefits

  • It frees the lower limbs and the abdomen, is very useful to end with varicose veins or hemorrhoids. The arched position of the back tones the nerves of the spine, flexes the muscles, and gives elasticity to the vertebrae.
  • Strengthens the arms and develops the sense of balance; the lungs undergo a complete expansion when the abdominal muscles are extended.
  • It regulates sexual disorders by balancing the sexual glands and irrigating them with plenty of fresh blood.
  • This exercise also has a psychological meaning, to step on the head with their own feet, looking, with this action develop humility, calm and tolerance to get rid of the ego.

Scorpion Pose Step by Step

  1. First, sit on the floor on your knees. Then lean forward and place your elbows on the ground. The forearms should be flat on the floor and the palms should be down and completely on the floor.
  2. Now raise your head, while stretching forward as you can without straining your neck. Next, lift the buttocks up. Your feet should be closer to each other with only your toes firmly on the ground.
  3. Take a deep breath and slowly begin to raise your legs up. Try to get your legs out all the way, over your head while keeping your balance.
  4. Now, slowly put your feet down towards your head, bending your knees. Here you will have to be very careful. You should never drop your legs too fast. You also have to be careful not to let your legs go too far, as it will make you lose your balance.
  5. After remaining in this position for a few seconds, extend your legs up and bring them back to the floor with only your toes touching the ground. Your buttocks should still be in the air.
  6. Now slowly bring the buttocks down and place them on your legs.
  7. Then, slowly raise your head and move back. Raise your arms on the floor and reappear in the kneeling position.


  • You can do this pose against a wall until you feel comfortable enough to try without support.
  • This position is not recommended for pregnant women or for people with back, spine, or shoulder problems.
  • Warm up your neck and shoulders by doing other yoga pose first, like the Cat, Cow, Cobra, and Bridge pose.

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