The Back Scoop Kick in Kenpo Karate

The Back Scoop Kick in Kenpo Karate

The Back Scoop Kick

The back scoop kick is a kick we will find in Self Defense Techniques and in some forms. It is not hard to execute it because you do not need to be that flexible.


The main target is the groin, but it can also be applied to the stomach and face of the opponent when he is bent.

When we kick the groin we do it in a looping circle, this will make the opponent stop anything he might have started and bring his hands to protect himself. This kick can and will disable anyone if applied correctly.

Back Scoop Kick Step by Step

  • Your opponent is behind you
  • Place your kicking foot on its ball
  • Lift the talon up to reach your target
  • When you kick the target pull forward with the talon
  • Now land your foot


  • Move away right after the kick and keep your hands up on a neutral stance
  • Do not stretch your leg back, you go up until you kick the target
  • Be ready to use your hands if you need to, because the attacker might still try to grab you

Michael John Hardesty a great Kenpoist shared the following:

“Immediately following it up with a back kick works well (same leg)”, we totally agree with Michael because right after the back scoop kick the person will lean forward then follow up right away with a back kick to get him out of your reach.

Thank you Michael!

Kenpo Karate Requirements

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