The Kenpo Karate Brotherhood

Kenpo Karate Brotherhood

Kenpo Karate Brotherhood

Several years ago, when a group of my acquaintances and I made the decision to enroll in a martial arts studio, little did we anticipate the profound journey that awaited us. Our chosen establishment specialized in Kenpo Karate and actively participated in various martial arts tournaments, thereby familiarizing us with our formidable rivals.

Peter Soto and Master Arturo Petit Almonte
With Master Arturo Petit Almonte

At that time, we were faced with two options: forms or Kumite, the latter being the traditional form devoid of any protective gear, encompassing a single non-stop round lasting two minutes. Each martial arts studio functioned like a closely-knit clan, forbidding any association, training, or knowledge-sharing with other studios—a principle we adhered to vehemently. To do otherwise was deemed an act of treason.

Master Petit and Frank Trejo

Master Arturo Petit Almonte, was the pioneer who brought Kenpo Karate to Chile.

As the years elapsed, many of my friends eventually departed, leaving me as the sole candidate vying for the green belt, and subsequently, the brown belt. Eventually, I decided to establish connections with another martial arts studio, a decision that branded me as a traitor within my own circle. Consequently, we were prohibited from participating in tournaments, classes, or seminars hosted by other martial arts styles.

The instructors themselves maintained an air of animosity, each asserting their knowledge on the correct execution of self-defense techniques. Some resorted to illicit duplication of VHS tapes, while others clandestinely gathered to learn exclusive Kenpo material. This was the environment in which I grew up—until the day Master Angelo Collado extended an invitation for me to partake in a Kenpo Karate event known as “The Kenpo Karate Brotherhood.”

“To hear is to doubt, to see is to be deceived, but to feel is to believe.” – Ed. Parker

The International Kenpo Brotherhood surpasses these limitations. Within its realm, you have the opportunity to train and interact with numerous accomplished Kenpoists. Ego holds no place, nor does the concept of superiority. However, the true essence of the experience can only be comprehended by those who are part of it. Individuals from various backgrounds, associations, flags, and patches come together in unity, training, and sharing their passion.

I am immensely honored to have been a participant, and I am certain that I will engage in it once more. One’s rank holds no significance, whether you hold a second-degree black belt, a fifth-degree, third-degree, green belt, yellow belt, or even a white belt.

“The Kenpo Brotherhood was started by Sibora Chan and Dan Meck. I was brought in as a member in 2013 when I first met them because of Frank Trejo’s sickness.” Angelo Collado

Dear Martial Arts and Kenpo Karate Enthusiasts,

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to become part of the International Kenpo Brotherhood, an extraordinary community that transcends borders and welcomes practitioners from all corners of the globe. It is a place where open-mindedness reigns supreme, where the pursuit of knowledge takes precedence over ego, and where a collective passion for the martial art we love unites us all.

In the International Kenpo Brotherhood, you will have the invaluable opportunity to train alongside and learn from incredible individuals who share the same dedication and enthusiasm for Kenpo. Imagine immersing yourself in a supportive environment where cultural backgrounds, affiliations, and personal achievements hold no barriers. Here, it is not about the color of your belt or the number of degrees you possess; it is about your willingness to grow, to absorb new insights, and to contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of Kenpo knowledge.

Picture yourself surrounded by passionate Kenpoists from diverse backgrounds, sharing their stories and perspectives, united by a common thread that weaves through our lives. Together, we celebrate the art of Kenpo, its rich history, and its profound impact on our personal growth.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of something truly special. Open your mind, sharpen your techniques, and ignite the flame of passion within you. Together, let us create lasting connections, forge lifelong friendships, and contribute to the legacy of Kenpo.

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