Kenpo Karate Brotherhood

The Kenpo Karate Brotherhood

Kenpo Karate Brotherhood

Many years ago when some of my friends and I decided to join a martial arts studio, we never thought it was going to be quite a journey. Our Kenpo Karate studio was one of those that participated in most martial art tournaments and because of that, we all knew our rivals. Back then we had two choices: forms and Kumite…Yes, Kumite. Old style Kumite, no protections, and 1 round of 2 minutes non-stop. Each martial art studio was like a clan and you were not allowed to join, train, share knowledge with any other martial art studio (that was our case), and if you do any of those would be treason.

Years passed by and many of my friends left till I was the only one testing for the green belt, then brown belt….years later I decided to “make friends” with another martial arts studio, and I was considered as a traitor. We were not allowed to participate in another’s martial art style tournament, class, or seminars. Most of the instructors would not talk to each other, some would claim to know the right way to do each self-defense technique, some would make pirate copies of the copy of the original VHS videotape, some would have secret gatherings to learn exclusive Kenpo material and so on… This is how I grew up….until one day Angelo Collado invited me to participate in a Kenpo Karate gathering called “The Kenpo Karate Brotherhood”.

“To hear is to doubt, to see is to be deceived, but to feel is to believe.” Ed. Parker

The International Kenpo Brotherhood goes beyond all that, you get to train and share with many great kenpoists, there is no ego, no superior level, no one is a Kenpo Dog, but what you experience it cannot be explained unless you are part of it. Kenpoists from all over, in one place training and sharing their passion regardless of your roots, association, flag, and patch.

I’m so honored to have participated and I know I will do it again. It does not matter if you are a second-degree black belt, a fifth-degree, third-degree, green belt, yellow, or just a white belt.

“The Kenpo Brotherhood was started by Sibora Chan and Dan Meck. I was brought in as a member in 2013 when I first met them because of Frank Trejo’s sickness.” Angelo Collado

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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